Look into the Mirror and you will find, that you are the one you have been waiting for

All of Life is a mirror...

That which we admire in others, that which we detest or fear and that which we seek to destroy all stem from stories held hidden on the inside.

This conceptual walk through the Four Directions serves to provide participants with a deeply empowered alternative to one's state of emotional reactivity. In revealing, and gently attending to these stories using language, body response and imagery, this pathway offers an inspiring tool for personal transformation and cultivating peace.

This Mirror Walk, came in a dream in the midst of violent reactivity toward a single child at Jen's school.

This process will open a new door to how you see those who scare, anger, intimidate, and irritate you...

It will open your mind and heart to how those who

steal your peace are teachers... helpers.

This walk can bring peace and it can bring you home.‚Äč

We are not powerless. In fact, we are deeply capable of influencing the 'outside' by working with our mirrors on the 'inside'.

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