BodyTalk has been invaluable in supporting me as a front-line health worker. I started with Jen after being off work for medical reasons and struggling to complete my return-to-work program. I had steady improvements and made a successful full-time return to work after 6 months. I have continued with regular sessions every few weeks. Even through the additional stresses of Covid, I have been able to manage the physical and emotional demands of both my job and home life. I am way more OK than I could ever have hoped.


BodyTalk with Jen helped completely relieve my child (8 yrs old) of recurring nightmares and odd symptoms related to childhood trauma that doctors could not figure out. In only 1-2 sessions each!


Jen has helped my teenager with chronic medical conditions manage an abundance of symptoms and relieve anxiety related to tests/procedures. Since seeing Jen for BodyTalk we have seen improvements in his condition for the first time. We are so thankful.


I was in hospital with an infection that had gone to my kidneys… I was swollen, with a rash and high blood pressure, tests indicated kidney damage. I had 3 BodyTalk sessions by distance over 3 days. All those symptoms cleared quickly, I was released much sooner than expected, and my next kidney test indicated no damage at all.


I had a growth on my lip that my doctor said could only be treated with laser surgery. I had one BodyTalk session on it, and it disappeared over the next week or so and was gone long before my surgery date.


I started BodyTalk after experiencing an extremely traumatic event that really affected my wellbeing. I can’t express how much BodyTalk has helped me come to peace and be able to process what happened… my life is mine again.


As a teacher dealing with the stress of Covid protocols, I became anxious, uncomfortable and overwhelmed. My own classroom felt foreign and unsafe to me, especially as one isolated without cohort partners for support. With the help of BodyTalk, I feel safer and happier at work, even through all the demands of teaching during a pandemic.


The BodyTalk session that stands out most is when I had a lump in my abdomen for nearly a year. There were some powerful deep-rooted emotions connected to it. Jen released them in a distance session, and the lump completely disappeared!


BodyTalk has been extremely helpful with my anxiety and has given me ‘room to breathe.’ I was sceptical about distance sessions at first, but I am thoroughly enjoying them as they are incredibly effective. Thank you Jen!


I have been a BodyTalk client for many years. Jen has helped improve my mental health by softening irrational fears and thoughts, relieving stress and alleviating anxiety. When my physical health took a turn for the worse, Jen was there to help with the pain before and after many surgeries and procedures. Currently we are working on my overactive bladder and I’m experiencing great results so far!! Thank-you, Jen, for all you do for me and others through the practice of BodyTalk. You are truly an amazing healer.


I had a session yesterday for the extreme heat and sweat I experience every night. After the session, I felt tired and chilly so I turned up my heat to 72 degrees and had a rest. At bedtime, I forgot to turn my heat back down to 66 degrees (like I need to do every night), but I slept the whole night without feeling hot and sweaty.

Woo hoo!! Thank-you!!


I injured my back at work and went to my doctor who said I would be off for 6 months. I saw Jen for 4 sessions and was back to work in 2 weeks. Incredible!!


When you consider the fragmentation of the classroom environment prior to this classroom intervention, their growth in a matter of a few months to become more cohesive is remarkable!  As the school social worker I had fewer requests from administration and the classroom teacher to deal with student conflict situations. There were less office referrals and no school suspensions.


Throughout my 30+ years as an adult I have spent a great deal of time and money with therapists and Doctors trying to determine why I never felt ‘well’.  It was not as if I truly felt ill, but I did not feel ‘well’. After the first session of BodyTalk I felt positively better and I was hooked.  I have chosen to have a BodyTalk session about every six weeks and now two years later I feel whole and so much better.  I had begun to think that was impossible. Thank you, Jennifer.


I couldn't golf from muscle pain in my back - one session and it was gone.


After a recent back injury flair up, I sought Jennifer’s help.  My Body Talk sessions with her often afforded near instantaneous relief and I believe aided the injury in stabilizing much quicker.  Jennifer is great at finding the root issue, and helping you move through it, so that your body may release discomfort. I would highly recommend her services!


I am diabetic. My kidney levels were at 148 (the doctor said that they were close to shutting down). Jen did 3 distance sessions over 10 days. The levels went down drastically to 64. My doctor was very surprised at the change.


After a few BodyTalk sessions, I mentioned difficulties my son was having; rages, depression, suspension from school. After only one distance session on him, things at home improved where we could communicate without the rages. and the darkness about him lifted. He has not had a rage event in 8 months. He is still a work in progress, but aren't we all.


Through the period that Jennifer did Sharing Circles and BodyTalk sessions [with my class], our classroom became a much more compassionate place, with major improvements in learning behaviours.


My way of being has shifted immensely since beginning body talk, and I believe that Jen's sensitive practice has played a large part in this.


I came in with pretty severe Gallbladder pain. My doctor was talking to me about surgery. Jennifer BodyTalked a homeopathic remedy on me. It relieved my pain which hasn't come back.  We are not talking about surgery anymore.


Jennifer is helping me to take control of my sugar cravings by helping me understand their origins. She has the ability to help one understand where emotions like fear, anger, sadness, and pain originate and the innate wisdom to help.


I feel like I am blooming into a new person – with improved insight into myself and a calmer, more understanding nature towards life and all it’s adventures.  I am excited about the changes and improvements in my body and frame of mind since beginning BodyTalk sessions with Jen.


Body talk with Jennifer has enabled me to connect with my inner self where I am better able to let go of false personal beliefs and emotional or physical road blocks that I unknowingly held on to for years!  Jennifer is extremely gifted.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with her!"

Jen has mad skills!!