1. Individual Sessions – Arrange a personal session that is specific to you, your needs and your story.
  2. Group Sessions – Book a session for a family, group of friends, or individuals with shared intentions to support more harmony within the group, or to grow personally or collectively.
  3. Blue Dragonfly Healing Community – Be part of a collective, and grow together through distance, online sessions that happen for randomly selected group members.

Walking the Mirror

  1. Individual Sessions – Follow your reactivity to find the fear underneath, walk it to resolution... and watch your world change.
  2. Walking the Mirror Training Program (Upcoming in 2022)
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  • Single Sessions - $85 CAD
  • Group Sessions - $130-170 CAD (depending on time needed)
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"I had a session yesterday for the extreme heat and sweat I experience every night. After the session, I felt tired and chilly so I turned up my heat to 72 degrees and had a rest. At bedtime, I forgot to turn my heat back down to 66 degrees (like I need to do every night), but I slept the whole night without feeling hot and sweaty.

Woo hoo!! Thank-you!!"