Schools are fascinating spaces..

Classrooms today are busy places where learning, social-emotional, language, and safety needs all intersect with vastly diverse populations. All this with the goal of producing learned and socially conscious individuals who can adapt to a quickly evolving world. No small task!!

BodyTalk has the potential to be extremely helpful in efficiently and effectively attending to the complex realities of the present-day classroom. Individual student needs can be gently met, and issues of group dynamics supported. 

School Support Data

A Social Worker from a Winnipeg school requested 4.5 hours of engagement time to support a grade 5/6 classroom. It was described as a highly stressful classroom and learning environment, with a number of students presenting with intense social, emotional and behavioural issues, and being directed by a brand new teacher.

The intervention process involved 3 visits over 3 months. At each visit, a classroom Sharing Circle was conducted, followed by a BodyTalk session on the teacher to support the class' intentions.

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Feedback from 20 stakeholders at the end of June (social worker, teacher, and students) indicated a significant increase in target behaviours, and decrease in required Social Work and Administrative interventions. 

Most significantly, the students responded that their classroom became a fun place where students were more respectful of each other, where students felt comfortable and happy, where they could ask for help, and others would be helpful to them. Further, they indicated that the environment generally became more  calm, polite, kind, and cooperative.  The teacher added that the classroom became a much more compassionate place, with major improvements in learning behaviours.

"When you consider the fragmentation of the classroom environment prior to this classroom intervention, their growth in a matter of a few months to become more cohesive is remarkable!"

~ School Social Worker