BodyTalk for Lymphatic Drainage

BodyTalk has its own unique process to help stimulate sluggish lymphatic movement in the body and drain tissues of excess fluid.  It is called the VELTHEIM METHOD OF LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, named after John Veltheim, the founder of BodyTalk.

Unlike standard Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques practiced by massage therapists, osteopaths and other trained therapists, this technique can be done over clothing, energetically a short distance from the body, and even a significant distance from the body.   

Like standard Manual Lymphatic Drainage methods, this technique has been used to decrease swelling in tissues, improve mobility, enhance immune functioning, and draw toxins from the body. It can be helpful in addressing a range of health conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. As there is a theory that poor circulation of fluids and lymph underlies a host of conditions from cellulite to cancer, lymphatic drainage could support a number of other health issues as well. 

But, because BodyTalk simultaneously works with many levels of the individual, the technique can also support the release of stored emotion or experiences, reduction in one's experience of stress, and the enhancement of overall wellbeing.

Because the application of the VELTHEIM METHOD OF LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE technique is based on it coming up 'as a priority' for a client in a BodyTalk session, your body is already working to help the movement of lymph, and all associated benefits, happen for you.